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Safe & Vault Sales and Service, In Shop locksmith Service & Mobile.
From Repairing a Loose Dial to Opening, Cracking & Major Repair.

Safe Sales, Annual Safe Service, Safe Anchoring, Safe Opening and Repair. Safe Combination Change Digital Keypad Electronic Safe Cracker GSA Lock X-09 Safe Locksmith Service AMSEC Adesco Alleid-Gary Brinks Browning Waechter Kaba Mas Fortress Gardall Safes
Sales - Annual Service - Combination Change - Open - Unlock - Repair

Commercial and Residential Safe Services:

  • Open or Unlock Safe due to Lost Combination, Malfunctioned Lock or Bolt Works
  • Professional Safe Opening by Manipulation or Drilling - Security Safes - Vaults
  • Combo Changes - Digital Keypad or Conventional Dial Combination Safe Locks
  • Safe Deposit Box Service, Keys Made, Deposit Box Opening, Repair
  • Kaba Mas X-09 GSA Security Container Lock Installation
  • GSA Container Servicing, Safe Opening and Repair to spec. MP Dial or X-07, 8 & 9
  • Key Duplication - Most Type Keys In Stock
  • Flat Steel key - Single Side key - Double Side key - Barrel Key
  • Parts & Repairs - Lock - Dial - Door - Hinge - Spring
  • Safes Moved - Floors Plated - Tile Padded
  • Digital Key Pad Electric Lock Upgrade
  • Lock Retro Fit and Up Grade to Higher Security
  • Loose Bolt Works Serviced - Parts Repaired or Replaced

Mobile On Site Standard and Emergency Locksmith Service
Safes - Electronic - Biometric - Combination - Locks - Keys

Safe sales and services for all types of Fire, High Security, Jewelry, Document commercial safes and residential safes.

We stock many smaller quick selling safes and order larger safes due to low floor space.
Our warehouse stocks most popular safes or orders factory direct with short wait time.

Our products include quality brands such as American Security Products or AMSEC, General, Adesco, Perma Vault, Simplex and many types such as money, jewelry, document, depository, high security, fire proof, TR - tool resistant, TL torch resistant or gun safes.

American Security Products AMSEC Money Hopper Safe With Combination Lock and Dial American Security Products Document Fire Safe UL 2 Hour Fire Rated General Safe Document Safe with Digital Lock and Keypad UL Relocking Device

Offering AMSEC and Gardall  safes, factory shipped delivered to our local warehouse in West Sacramento, CA.

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A Guide To Select The Correct Safe To Suit Your Needs

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AMSEC 2012 Product and 2013 GUN SAFE or Gardall Catalog:

 AMSEC Safes & Product Catalog 2012               American Security Gun Safe Catalog 2013              


Is Your Lock, Dial, Key, Keypad or Lever Loose or Sticky?
Need a Locksmith Safe Cracker to Open A Safe?

Frantz Locksmith Service in Sacramento CA offers safe cracking, drill open safes, servicing, moving & repair.

Check out some opening, repair and unlock jobs,
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Below is a Liberty Home Safe that had an electronic lock failure!

Liberty Safe Security Container, Safe will not open!                          Getting tools to crack safe, drill, bits, mini rig, borescope and hand tools
The combination was entered however the lever would not turn all the way. 
Liberty Safe with key pad removed and mini rig positioned and attached for safe cracking      Mini Rig has drilled through the hard plate in this Liberty Safe opening
The keypad was removed, the mini rig positioned, attached and a small hole was drilled,

The Liberty Home Security re assembled, the lock tested for reliability and works Perfect.

Liberty Safe repaired and functioning like a brand new safe once again.

Call before a malfunction cost you time, an expensive safe opening or cracking and repair service to restore your home, business or office security.

You may have difficulties or can't unlock a safe, combination will not work, electronic lock is making a noise, handle or lever is slipping or locking bolts getting stiff and not fully retracting.

If you neglect your safe a number of things could happen and may end up not opening!
A combination can fail, handle may turn or spin but not retract locking bolts resulting in a lock out then calling a locksmith and receiving a costly bill.

Need a new safe?

We carry a selection in our Sacramento Lock Shop. Our warehouse stocks AMSEC and is near by. You can browse or PDF catalogs for larger safes and vault doors.

Home Safes - Digital and Combination Dial with Key.

AMSEC Home Fire Safe Digital Keypad Electronic Safe AMSEC Home Fire Safe, inside view with Slide Out Shelf. Digital Safe Lock and Keypad
AMSEC Digital Home with an Electronic Lock. Roomy compartment with pull out shelf. Easy to read display shows Combination Key Pad, Date, Day, Time and Seconds.

General Home Fire Safe Combination Dial and Key General Safe Home Fire Safe, inside view. Slide out shelf - 3 digit combination dial lock with key
General Home Fire Combination Dial and Key Access.  Roomy compartment with pull out shelf.  Fire Rated

Wall and Under the Counter Safes

 Gardall Electronic Wall Safe Digital Key Pad and Key Gardall Wall Safe inside view of compartment and locking bolts - Electronic safe lock and keypad Perma-Vault small under the counter cash drop safe
Gardall Digital Home Wall with Key Access.  Along side is a Perma Vault Cash Drop Safe for quick under the counter solutions.

Document Safes, Fire Safes and Hopper Safes

  AMSEC Document Safe - Fire Rated - UL Listed - American Security Products American Security Products 2 Hr UL Rated Document Safe inside view of compartment & adjustable shelf
AMSEC Fire Rated Document with Re-locking Device and adjustable shelf.
General Electronic Document Fire Safe - Digital Keypad - UL Listed - Relocking Device - Fire Rated General Fire Rated Document Safe - Digital Safe Lock & Keypad inside view of compartment & shelf
General Digital Fire Rated Document with Re-locking Device and adjustable shelf. 

Cash Drop / Hopper Safes

 AMSEC Hopper / Drop Safe - S&G Combination Lock & Dial - Bolt Down Anchor Holes - Cash Security Safe AMSEC Hopper Safe with Combination Safe Lock & Dial - View of Front Load Hopper Safe Opened AMSEC Front Load Hopper Safe with Combination Lock & Dial - Bottom Compartment Door Open
Front loading hopper with lower compartment dial combination lock.  Lock protected by hard plate and external re-locking device.

Gun Safes

 AMSEC Gun Safe - Fire Rated - Combination Lock & Dial - Anchor Holes Drilled AMSEC Gun Safe - Room for Long Rifles - Shelf space for ammo and had guns
AMSEC Fire Rated Gun Safe with lined compartment ready to stack your rifles, shot guns, hand guns and ammo into. Bolt down kit with 4 pre-drilled holes.

All safes lock, unlock, have a mechanical, electronic combination or key and need annual servicing.

Safes serve many purposes and are built to suit specific needs.  Common types are security,  fire, depository, floor and wall safes.

Old safes have keys and dials with mechanical locks. Most new ones have digital keypad and electronic locks, some still have conventional mechanical dials and keys.

Some Digital Key Pad Malfunctions are Weak Batteries, you may be able to access and fix this your self.  With Digital Key Pads please check battery before you call.  

A lock box, dial or bolt work may be loose and need servicing.
The door handle or lever may have a loose screw, slipping or sheared off. 
You may have to struggle to pull the door open due to an unadjusted hinge, loose or misaligned bolt works or lack of lubrication. Contact us for solutions.

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Combination Changes Same Day When Scheduled By 11 AM.

Lock & Bolt Work is usually done with in two days.

Locksmith Safecracker to Open Safe Scheduled in Advance.  Some openings can be fast however it takes time to repair safes.  Time varies upon type of repair and availability of locks, parts or keys needed.
Sacramento Locksmiths

Please Note:

Your Identification may be requested and recorded prior to any work.

For your protection we urge you to ask any Locksmith or Tech to see a Valid Locksmith License Issued by the CA Department Of Consumer Affairs, Valid Drivers License and Picture ID. Locksmith Sacramento

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